Who Are We?

Creative Caterpillar LLC is a family company founded on the certainty that our world is better with more creative people in it. We believe in engaging and fostering the creative and expressive spirit in young people through creative dramatics, dance, music and storytelling.

Our Mission is to help children to find, explore and express their natural creative brilliance.


How We Do What We Do

Through a lifetime of personal and professional experience in the Arts, we have developed a set of skills that fascinate children with the amazing journey of discovering their own expressive selves. We apply our wide-ranging knowledge of varied kinds of expression to each child we encounter and tailor our approach toward their individual growth needs and learning style.

We believe in the ultimate importance of creating a safe place for discovery, both physically and emotionally. Through our years of experience working with children of all ages, we have a strong command of best practices that maintain this safety, but still allow for loads of FUN!


Miss Andrea – Founder & Operations Director, Dancercise Kids® Instructor  

Miss Andrea was involved in formal dance training from preschool onward. She was a member of Menomonee Falls’ Accompany Of Kids throughout high school and went on to receive her BFA in Musical Theatre from Emerson College in Boston, MA. After college she moved to the Twin Cities in Minnesota where she was a regular performer with Minneapolis Musical Theatre, The Plymouth Playhouse and others.

For several years during her time in the Twin Cities, Miss Andrea taught for Minnesota’s Dancercise Kids®. Through this experience, working as choreographer for multiple children’s productions, and teaching her own personally created kids dance classes at the local YMCA, Miss Andrea grew her passion for engaging the hearts and minds of young people in a love of the expressive arts. She is thrilled to have launched Creative Caterpillar LLC in Milwaukee featuring the Dancercise Kids® curriculum because she has found it such a universally effective way to excite very young children’s interest in discovering the joy of creativity and expression. She enjoys spending time with her beautiful daughters and her husband and Co-Founder, Mister Mike.


Miss Eva – Dancercise Kids® Instructor

Miss Eva has been singing and dancing all of her life and is well versed in ballet, jazz and tap. She has her degree in music from UWM, and has been teaching children of all ages for several years. She is currently the female lead vocalist for Wisconsin’s Premiere Horn Band, Groove Therapy. Eva is married to her loving husband, Jeff, and has three charming step-sons. Eva enjoys gardening, reading and hopes to someday run a marathon.



Miss Emily – Dancercise Kids® Instructor

Ms. Emily is a graduate of UW Milwaukee with a degree in film, where she was also Student Body President. Ms. Emily has a background in dance, was a cheerleader, coach, and dance teacher in her small hometown of Avoca, WI. She plays the piano, guitar, and trumpet, and she has spent several years working with Milwaukee’s Big Brothers Big Sisters.

When not teaching Dancercise Kids, Ms. Emily is busy working at a local film production company and taking her puppy, Odette, to the dog park. She is very close with her extended family and loves pizza. She plans to work toward making her own feature length documentaries and fiction films, and is excited to be teaching Dancercise Kids!


Father's DayMister Mike – Co-Founder & Business Manager, Marketing/Web Designer

Mister Mike is a Milwaukee native who was raised on the stage. He started performing thanks to his parents in third grade. He went on to participate in theater and visual arts throughout high school, and was educated at the post-secondary level through the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program’s Inaugural Class of 2004. There he received a comprehensive Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Acting, with a focus on Classical Text. He dreams of a generation of young people who love and celebrate the word-craft of Shakespeare, Aeschylus, Homer and Sophocles.

Mister Mike is thrilled to have been a part of the founding of Creative Caterpillar LLC in Milwaukee, and looks forward to a beautiful future of engaging the youngest Milwaukeeans in creative expression. It is by engaging the youngest among us that we gain citizens devoted to the value of creative expression in their adult life, and all citizens benefit from more capable expression.


Where We’re Headed

Dancercise Kids® is just the beginning. We’re well on our way to rolling out a complete program of engagement that grows with your child’s development. We will incorporate even more aspects of creative dramatics, dance, storytelling, character development, musical expression, visual arts and even classical drama to cultivate the beautiful, expressive spirit of your little Creative Caterpillar!


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