About Creative Caterpillar

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Our Story

A Family Company founded in Menomonee Falls in 2013, Creative Caterpillar was created based on the certainty that our world is a better place the more creative and expressive people there are in it. We believe in helping to bring about a better world through engaging and fostering the creative and expressive spirit in young people through creative dramatics, dance, music, and storytelling. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help children find, explore, and express their natural creative brilliance.

How We Do What We Do

By drawing on our lifetimes of personal and professional experience in multiple artistic disciplines, we employ a set of skills targeted to growing the fascination of children with the amazing journey of discovering their own expressive selves. We apply our wide-ranging knowledge of varied kinds of expression to each child we encounter and tailor our approach toward their individual growth needs and learning style.

We believe in the ultimate importance of creating a safe place for discovery, both physically and emotionally. Through our years of experience working with children of all ages, we have a strong command of best practices that maintain this safety, but still allow for loads of FUN!

We began our company bringing the Dancercise Kids ® Curriculum to the Milwaukee area, since it has over 20 years of internationally proven success in exciting pre-school age kids to get dancing, singing, imagining, and learning. Incorporating learning about muscle groups and body awareness, occupations, and friendship, this curriculum uses over 120 Original Songs, Formal Dance Skills, American Sign Language, and Gymnastics to weave together lessons of kindness and caring that make Dancercise Kids day the favorite day of the week for our participants. 

Participants see rapid growth in Gross Motor skills and confidence in their movement ability. Their minds and hearts are engaged in the storytelling that is central to the structure of each weekly 30 minute class, and their imaginations are given rocket boosters to soar.