I want to be a Dancercise Kids teacher!

We’re excited that you’re considering becoming a member of the Dancercise Kids family of talented, creative teachers. This page should answer some of the more common questions you might be asking about employment with us. We encourage all qualified candidates to complete the application form below.


What do Dancercise Kids teachers do?

We bring our unique curriculum of kindness, caring and respect through lessons of dance and fitness to children in pre-school, childcare, elementary schools and community centers.

We visit accredited child care centers throughout the Milwaukee metro area. We also hold weekly classes and occasional special events at studios in the area.

Am I the right fit?

  • You should be enthusiastic about working with young children, with all of the joys and occasional challenges that entails.
  • You should have specific experience teaching pre-school age kids.
  • You should have a background in dance and/or movement. We teach jazz, tap and ballet, as well as fitness and creative movement.
  • You need to be a very engaging leader of pre-school age kids, which requires a positive demeanor and a playful, open heart.
  • You need be organized and reliable – you must be driven and willing to take responsibility for your classes and maintaining and growing your own enrollment!
  • You must have a reliable car, since you are responsible for getting to all of your classes on time every time.

What are the Required Qualifications?

  • 18+ Years of age.
  • Able to offer proof of vaccination against COVID-19, and willing and able to abide by masking or other mitigation guidelines set by the centers in which we operate. Mandatory reporting and other rules apply.
  • Experience in teaching pre-school age children, and proven ability to command their attention and focus.
  • Previous dance experience of at least two years.
  • Expressive and energetic personality to help excite young hearts and minds.
  • Positive demeanor and a playful, open heart.
  • Enthusiasm for working with young children, with all the joys and occasional challenges that entails.
  • Extremely well organized, punctual, and reliable.
  • Self driven to grow enrollment to expand program reach and increase your compensation.
  • Reliable personal vehicle.
  • Willing and able to push, pull, and/or lift up to 40 pounds as needed for setup or restore of class space.
  • Willing and able to drive to locations such as Germantown, Grafton/Cedarburg, Sussex, Richfield, Oak Creek, New Berlin, and more to follow.
  • Ability to commit to two to five specific mornings or afternoons per week for semester-long periods, typically between 9:00 a.m. and Noon or between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to be scheduled on days ranging between Monday and Friday.

What can you expect from us?

  • Competitive pay structure that rewards you for growing your classes.
  • Caring, attentive and supportive management that lets you focus on your students’ growth, helping you lead your kids to be their best selves.
  • Travel stipend per location.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • A fun and rewarding position, engaging young hearts and minds!

How do I get started?

Complete our application form below. We will respond to you if your answers meet our requirements for consideration.

Creative Caterpillar LLC / Dancercise Kids Milwaukee Employment Application

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    Creative Caterpillar is a drug free company. In order to be employed with us, you may be required to submit to a pre-employment drug and/or alcohol screening test and occasional random tests during employment at a laboratory and/or according to a manner of our sole designation. Are you willing to submit to such a testing as part of establishing or maintaining your eligibility for employment?*
    Since we work primarily with children, we must be able to assure the parents who are our customers that the people we hire meet the highest standards of integrity. Is there anything that a thorough background check of your personal criminal and/or credit history would reveal of which we should be aware?*If selected as a finalist for employment, we will run a thorough background check as a part of our decision making process.
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    Please check all dance/movement disciplines for which you have received formal training of at least one and a half years.*
    I have not received formal training in any discipline for at least one and a half years.
    What level of employment are you seeking?*
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    As an instructor for Dancercise Kids Milwaukee's mobile program, you will need to drive yourself to multiple locations per day to teach classes at different schools. Will this work for you?*We offer a travel stipend for each location you will travel to in order to help cover fuel costs.
    Earliest date available to start? *
    Add references not related to you if you wish: Name, Position, Phone, Email.

    Pre-Interview Questions

    Briefly tell us about your long term life goals. *
    If you could choose four adjectives to describe yourself, what would they be? *
    What would you say is your greatest strength? *
    What would you say is your greatest weakness? *
    Please describe a specific time you turned a challenge into an opportunity. *
    Please describe a time where you did something wrong or made a mistake, and what you did about it. *
    Are you generally an energetic and enthusiastic person?*
    When things don't go according to plan, you usually. . .*
    get angry.
    shut down.
    try to understand the new circumstances and roll with them.
    figure out a new plan on the spot.
    When people are in trouble, you usually. . .*
    try to find a way to help, even if it means changing your plans.
    try to find ways to help without affecting your plans.
    feel bad, but think there's little or nothing you can do.
    realize it's not your problem and move on.
    Please take a moment to tell us what you would bring to Dancercise that other candidates will not be able to. *